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Message to my supporters

Thank you for all your support and most important your vote. Your votes where not wasted but a inspiration and knowing that so many are awake and understand our leaders elected are in fact mis leaders that have let down our Republic with all there gridlock and fiscal waste of hard earned tax money that We the people work so very hard for only to be left with empty pockets , phony promises and back stabbing legislation that helps only the few at the top that serve nobody but there very own selfish interests.

The many that still some how some way believe that the inflation high gas prices food shortages will easily go away because the political leaders that retain there seats in there over priced offices that are a waste of space because the business of and for the people is never done at these places , but only one hand washes the other hand and greases the backs of the elite and large corporate leaders that care nothing about You or I in these offices in our State captial buildings and the continued theft in the many other places we call courts that are in operation every day squeezing the pockets of the working men and woman including victims of the crimes that are carried out by a other group of citizens that have been lied to and brain washed by the ideas of a immoral entertainment industry that provide sinful ideas of life in a fast lane of fantasy that always ends up like misery for the next generation of children that look up to us adults for silutions to the problem s we have allowed to be created in a country gifted with so much and blessed in so many ways by a God that we never pay tribute or worship anymore openly because we may offend a group that call themselves Americans one day and then the next openly be ashamed of our proud history proclaiming this history should be erased or altered

instead of being embraced. I am not going away but instead press on with my next campaign and hard work of restoring our Republic one Nation Under God

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